Calvin Harris Gives EDM The Cold Shoulder!? 

Well check this out! Dance Music producer Calvin Harris has hit out on some non-EDM gold with 'Slow Acid', taken from his forthcoming hit machine 'Motion' that packs a feature of jams.


We're not sure anyone would have picked Calvin to turn back the clocks to some slow acidy 808 goodness but so it happened and we couldn't be happier.

At it's roots there are still part in parcel Calv's pop elements but you can't pass up those throbbing synthlines and 'woo' samples that pepper the grindy track - think…

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Japan Makes History! Ultra Music Festival Japan Just Became Largest Edm Event In The Country's History 

Having been described by headliners Axwell /\ Ingrosso as “one of the best gigs of [their] lives,” this years Ultra Music Festival Japan sold out over eight weeks in advance and was witnessed by more than 40,000 ‘Ultranauts’ which descended on the massive Tokyo Odaiba Ultra Park in Japan’s capital city for two consecutive days. The inaugural 2014 edition of Ultra Japan, which took place on Saturday, September 28 and Sunday, September 29 2014, has now officially become the largest electronic music event ever…

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Elektrik Gem Interview With Bandcamp Diaries 

Elektrik Gem (Interview)  
We had a chance to have a chat with Clive Farrington and Edwin Alzate of Elektrik Gem (EG)- An electro combo                     with an eclectic attitude and lots to say…musically and personally!

 Scroll below the image to read the full interview!

The electronic music scene is quite challenging, mostly because of the fierce competition. How do you manage to stay innovative and fresh?

EG - By going out! What are people singing along to and dancing to. We’ve always been…

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Kiis College Night 1/10/14 

We would like to share with you a great event happening tonight, January, 10th.  Yost Theatre will be hosting a Kiis College Night with DJ Alex Dreamz. Doors open at 10:00pm and tickets are $20 at the door unless you RSVP now for only $15.

Laurent Garnier returns 

After a long one year Laurent Garnier returns to the recording studio. We are eagerly waiting for his new music which we expect to be great hits. He will also be performing at Coachella Music Festival. We look forward to listening to "Acid Eiffel."

Napoleon Dynamite 10th Anniversary 

The 2004 comedy film starring Jon Heder as the title character is soon to release a special edition 10th anniversary edition copy of the movie in Blu Ray. Napoleon Dynamite was a low budget film that was entered to the Sundance Film Festival in January 2004.  The film's total worldwide gross revenue was $46,140,956. 

Elektrik Gem’s lead vocalist Clive Farrington wrote the film's most famous soundtrack "The Promise". This tune hit the #1 spot all over America. In celebration to its 10th anniversary we would…Read more